Multiple Gateways: How Does It Work?

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Payments AI allows you to connect multiple gateways so that you never lose a sale. If one gateway goes down, the other will be used seamlessly to ensure your website can always accept payments.


If I have 2 gateways connected, which one gets used for processing?

When two gateways are connected, for example, Payments AI and Stripe, the system will distribute the processing 50/50 between the two gateways.


Once more gateway options are available, if you choose to connect them, the processing will be distributed evenly among all connected gateways.


PayPal works differently and is not part of this 50/50 distribution because it is considered another form of payment and the customer will have to opt to pay using PayPal during checkout.


Other Setting Options:

If Sticky Gateway is enabled in your gateway configuration, then any subsequent charges to the same card will "stick" to the gateway used for the first transaction. This takes priority over the 50/50 distribution. Learn more: Sticky Gateway Setting.


You can also set up Gateway Routing Rules to route payments based on certain criteria to a particular connected gateway. Learn more: Gateway Routing Rules.


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