Why Are Transactions Declining?

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How to Locate Decline Response Reasons


1 . From your Payments AI dashboard, click the Transactions Tab located in the top menu.

2. Search for the declined transaction and click on it.

3. Scroll down to the Logs and click the down arrow to expand. You will see here a message which explains the error. In the example below LIMIT_EXCEEDED indicates there are insufficient funds or over the charging limit.

Declined Codes and What They Mean

Sometimes the decline message will indicate a decline code number. You can find a complete list of decline code numbers and what they mean here.


All of those decline codes are bank responses so you will want to contact your customer to have them call their bank or use another card. Sometimes, the bank responses are general and will require a phone call from the customer to determine the exact reason such as:


596 - Suspected Fraud

530 - Do not honor


Another common decline is Authentication Failure. This can occur if the customer's card requires 3DS authentication and either it fails or you do not have 3DS enabled on your account. To enable 3DS for your gateways, follow the instructions here.

When a Decline is Due to a Currency Issue

This occurs most often with international accounts. If your ClickFunnels workspace currency is set to a currency other than USD, it is important to make sure you have that currency selected in your gateway configuration. If it is not, the transactions will come up as declined with a message like this:

 Here is a help article which will show you how to add currencies to your gateways: Selecting Gateway Currencies

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support Team by clicking the support widget in the bottom right corner of this page or email us at support@payments.ai.


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