Submitting a Chargeback Representment

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Click the Disputes tab from the top menu. If you see the below message at the top of the screen, click here. If you do not see this message, continue with the steps below.


Disputes will be listed here with various statuses like "under review", "response needed!", "won" and "lost". To send in a defense to a chargeback, click on the dispute and then click the Defend Dispute button on the right side of the screen:


A window will open on the right of the screen. Upload or drag and drop your defense documents, then click the Defend the Dispute button to submit. For information on what types of documents to submit please review this article: Chargeback Defense Requirements 



IMPORTANT: Chargebacks are decided by the card issuing bank and are determined by the rules and regulations set by the card payment brand. Disputing a chargeback does not guarantee a decision in your favor.

**Please note, in a represented chargeback, it can take up to 120 days from the date of the chargeback for the bank to make a final determination.**

Once a chargeback has been initiated on a transaction, you cannot refund it. If you agree that the funds need to be returned to the customer, you will need to accept the chargeback.


Accepting The Dispute

If you find that you are in agreement with a chargeback, for example, a transaction that should have been refunded, you can easily accept the dispute by clicking the Accept Dispute button within the chargeback details for a particular transaction:

More information about how to prevent chargebacks can be found here: Tips For Preventing Chargebacks

Other Options for Managing Chargebacks

There are several different services that you can explore to assist you when it comes to managing chargebacks:

  1. Chargeback Management Platforms: These platforms provide tools and services to help merchants prevent, analyze, and respond to chargebacks effectively. They often offer features like automated dispute responses, real-time chargeback alerts, reporting and analytics, and integration with payment processors.

  2. Fraud Prevention Services: Many chargebacks stem from fraudulent transactions. Fraud prevention services help merchants identify and prevent fraudulent activity before it leads to chargebacks. They may use advanced fraud detection algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze transaction data and detect suspicious patterns.

  3. Dispute Resolution Services: Dispute resolution services assist merchants in responding to chargebacks and managing the dispute process. They may offer guidance on crafting effective responses, represent merchants in communications with card networks and issuers, and help gather evidence to support the merchant's case.

  4. Chargeback Representment Services: Chargeback representment services specialize in representing merchants in the chargeback process. They handle the entire process of responding to chargebacks on behalf of the merchant, from gathering evidence to submitting responses and advocating for the merchant's interests.

It's essential to evaluate your specific needs and choose  services that best address your requirements for managing chargebacks effectively while minimizing the impact on your business operations and finances.

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